World Cinema Awards 
Visions OB Trucks
Waiting to shoot the opening link as Will Charles looks on
Rose d'Or Academy Luzern 2009 
Teaching students multi-camera music directing meant two days of seminars before the OB
Academy students and the band Pegasus
OB trucks in waiting outside the Casino in Luzern
Pegasus sound checking
Students do tidy-up edits on their mixes
Jon and I with the check for the winning student
World Cinema Awards 2009 BBC4
with Jonathan Ross
Lighting Director The Late Great James Campell
Style On Trial  2009 BBC 4
with Stuart Maconie & Laurene Laverne
The '60's set
Jib viewfinder
Pat McCloughlan's jib
Our long suffering mannequins
Working on a 1st Year NFTS  Television student production - June 2008
 Simone Millwood directing
With senior cameraman Ian Ridley
and floor manager Jill Henderson
Shock Treatment - SKY 2004
Discussing a shot with Rutger Hauer
Jib operator Stuart Bush
Ready to shoot another link with Rutger
It's him...from Blade Runner!
John Woolvett as Doctor Tempelton
 Producer Justin Scroggie
The gallery we built inside the location
A Silent Servant
Abbey Essex!
Inside Clyde - Disney 2003
Tony Hawkes, contestants and the late Jim Campbell
in the background
Jim Campell as Clyde
Entrance to the intestines
An intestine tube - yuk!
 A team wait to play the intestine game
 The giant eyeball
Another part of the eye
 Lighting the giant ear
Bray studio top shot
On the scientist set

StarFinder - ITV 2003


Walkway to the StarFinder spacestation


Airlock into the spacestation - great design by Richard Drew


Spacestation main corridor


Astronauts recreation area


Spacestation central assembly area


CGI  spaceship cockpit motion rig


Starship trooper!


CrossFire - Channel Four 2002


With Guy Littlemore 



With 1st AD Chris Miles on the dune buggy


With one of the bad guys!


Saftety masks on before a mission - one of the bad girls!


The huge airfield location meant quad bikes where always required


With the Grunts


Edinburgh Nights with Mark Lamarr - BBC 1998


In conversation with senior cameraman Des O'Hare


The concert hall in BBC Edinburgh was converted into a studio


The designer was Ali Mills


Mark Lamarr & Phil Jupitus during the dress run


Mark warming up before going LIVE!


Mark getting ready to deliver a link


Mark watching a piece of VT on an overhead monitor


Floor Manager Annette McCreadie briefs guests during a VT


Rehearsing Hazel O'Connor


More rehearsals

 Extreme Magic Extreme Danger ITV 1999 entertainment documentary



Last minute instructions to a stunt man


Rather him than me!


The Jack Docherty Show - Five 1997

Ticket from the first show which began on Channel Five's opening night 


With Jack Docherty


Top Tips - 1996

Sell Through Video


Top Tips crew on location


Sounds of Eden - BBC 1989 

Five rock concerts recorded at Eden Court Theatre Inverness


OB Unit Scot 2 - Inverness


Love & Money rehearsals


Love & Money rehearsals


Love & Money rehearsals


Me on camera - for some reason!


Shooting an interview with James Grant of Love & Money


During the title shoot for Sounds of Eden a camera fell from a helicopter - this is what it looked like afterwards!


With Producer May Miller


Crystal Maze - Channel 4 (1990 - 1995)


With the fabulous Richard O'Brien and the man who made it all happen Malcolm Heyworth


Reckless Rick


Publicity still for series two


Something funny in the Ocean Zone


With Malcolm Heyworth & Ed Tudor Pole - series five


Alan Duncan-Bond, Dave Hutchins, Geoff Boyle & the Technocrane in Industrial Zone

Alan Duncan-Bond (Floor Manager) and Dave Hutchins (Technocrane cameraman) - it was bloody cold!'s that big!


A Cutaway Day with Dave Savage on camera


With Mike 'Sooty' Sutcliffe who did a brilliant job as Lighting Director


Promo still from series one - an Industrial game


Promo still from sereis one - a Medieval game


Promo still from series one - an Aztec game


Promo still from series one - a Future game


Crystal Maze owes a great deal to the design work of James Dillon












Acting - BBC 1987

 On the studio floor with Maria Aitken


Acting publicity shot with Jonathan Miller, Simon Callow, Nathan Silver & Michael Caine

Abbey Road 1987 

McCartney - BBC1 1986

Fiming in Abbey Road Studios for the McCartney documentary. Richard Skinner puts the questions


Jagger - BBC2 1986

In Paris for the interview filming


Live Aid - BBC 1985

On the Wembley stage two days before the concert


Very rare Live Aid passes!


My Live Aid Bafta


Something Else - BBC2 1982

Filming in Brighton with Art School sdtudents

Abbey Road 1987 

Paris 1986 for Jagger documenatry filming